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Math 471, Fall 2007, Section 001/002: Coverage for Midterm 2 The second midterm will be administered from 6–8 pm on Monday, December 10 in East Hall 1084. You may use two 8.5” by 11” pieces of paper (1-sided) for notes, but calculators are NOT allowed. Here is a list of the sections from Bradie that will be covered on the second midterm: 3.3 (norms) 3.4 (error analysis) 3.7 (special linear systems) 3.8 (iterative methods for linear systems) 5.1 (Lagrange interpolation) 5.3 (Newton form and divided differences) 5.4 (optimal points for interpolation) 5.5 (piecewise linear interpolation) 5.6 (cubic spline interpolation) 5.7 (Hermite interpolation)
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Unformatted text preview: • 6.1–6.2 (numerical differentiation) • 6.3 (Richardson extrapolation) • 6.4–6.5 (Newton–Cotes + composite rules) • 6.6 (Gaussian quadrature) • 6.7 (Romberg intergration) • 9.1 (Poisson equation with Dirichlet BCs) You are also responsible for the material on homework assignments 5–10, as well as all class lecture notes. The material from the first part of the course will not be emphasized on this exam. Note, however, that mathematics is necessarily a cumulative subject, and you should not expect to succeed on the exam if you have not mastered the material from Midterm 1. 1...
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