Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Jazz*Difficult to...

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Chapter 8 – Jazz *Difficult to define *Multicultural – borrows from other styles and other cultures *Emphasis on improvisation - Endless variety in performance - Piece secondary to what a musician does with it in performance *Early Influences - Blues style is an early influence on jazz o 12 bar structure o Improvisation, instrumental solos - Ragtime another early influence *Ragtime - Mainly instrumental style - Hugely popular from 1890’s – 1920’s - Written for all sorts of instrument ensembles - Remembered mostly as piano music o Middle class often has pianos at home o 350,000 pianos produced in 1909 o “Family home entertainment center” o Player piano (has pedals and scroll in the middle, the holes in the scroll tell the piano what to play, plays itself) *Characteristics of Ragtime - Borrows elements from marches - Duple meter(left –right, left-right) - 16 bar section = 1 strain - Syncopation – “Ragged” rhythm
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- Form: AA BB CC DD o Trio – change of key or mood, sounds new *Scott Joplin (1868-1917) - “Maple Leaf rag” 1900 (sold 1 million copies of sheet music) - Listen for steady bass line oompah - Higher melody line bounces off - Repetition of strains – AA BB (A) CC DD *New Orleans - Birthplace of jazz - Thriving port city by late 1800’s - Hugely diverse population - Intermingling of musicians from different backgrounds *Dixieland Jazz - First type of Jazz - Refers to a region as well – New Orleans - Similar to ragtime at first, but: o Often used bigger groups of instruments
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Jazz*Difficult to...

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