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MCB130_Sp08_People_rules - MCB 130 CELL BIOLOGY Spring 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: MCB 130 CELL BIOLOGY Spring 2008 MWF 11-12 INSTRUCTORS: Randy Schekman (Course Coordinator) 626 Barker 642-5686 [email protected] Office hours: MWF 12-1:00 PM or by appointment David Drubin 606 Barker 642-3692 [email protected] Office hours: Fridays, 1-3 PM or by appointment Kunxin Luo GL41 Koshland 643-3183 [email protected] Office hours: TBA GRADUATE STUDENT INSTRUCTORS: GSI Johanna Carroll Jacqueline Chretien Nadine Jahchan Sasha Langley Crystal Marconett 2050 VLSB Office/Lab Weis Dernburg Luo Karpen Firestone e-mail [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Office Hours TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA DISCUSSION SECTIONS: The first discussion section meetings are held during the second week of class. Section 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 Time M 9-10 M 3-4 Tu 12-1 Tu 3-4 W 9-10 W 10-11 Th 12-1 Th 3-4 F 1-2 F 3-4 Room 340 Moffitt 122 Wheeler 340 Moffitt 107 GPB 340 Moffitt 340 Moffitt 340 Moffitt 107 GPB 122 Wheeler 122 Wheeler GSI TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA WEBSITE AND TEXT 1. Website The website for the class is on bSpace (bspace.berkeley.edu). Log on with your CalNet ID and click on the tab marked MCELLBI 130 LEC 001 Sp08. Handouts will be posted under "Resources." 2. Text The text is "Molecular Cell Biology" by Lodish et al. (6th edn., Freeman). The emphasis in this course is on the material given in lecture and handouts. The text is primarily used as a reference for you to look things up, both to fill in details that you missed in lecture and fill in an area for your own benefit. Rely first on your own complete set of notes, and the handouts. Use the text, discussion sections and office hours to answer questions. ADVICE FROM INSTRUCTORS A biochemistry course such as MCB 102 or MCB 100 is required. All students in MCB 130 must have completed such a course before enrolling. The single most important element in doing well with this material is keeping up to date. Reviewing your notes before the next lecture and looking at the assigned reading the same day as the lecture has proven to make an enormous difference in the final result. Do not hesitate to ask the instructors questions. Reviewing the material only before exams is a very poor strategy, since each lecture in turn uses the material in previous lectures. Since we assume you have mastered the previous material, it is easy to get left behind. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS IN SECTION AND OFFICE HOURS. We will be happy to answer them. The best time to ask them is after reviewing your notes just after each lecture. Email should only be used for administrative purposes. COURSE MECHANICS 1. Grading and tests. Exams: 400 points total. Midterms (2): 100 points each. Final: 200 points. Quizzes (3): 30 points total, 10 points each. The two Midterms, three Quizzes and the Final are on announced firm dates. Grades will be posted as soon as possible in announced locations. There are no make-ups for any of the quizzes, midterms or finals. Students will not be penalized for missing midterms if BOTH of the following conditions are met: a. The student makes the request in writing, no later than 2 days after the date of the midterm, and provides acceptable reasons for missing the exam. The request must be supported by appropriate documentation eg a doctor's note. Examples of acceptable excuses for a missed examination are incapacitating illness or accident or a serious illness or death in the immediate family. Professional or Medical school interviews should not be arranged for Midterm dates since such interviews are not regarded as an acceptable excuse. b. The midterm that was missed is completed satisfactorily as a take-home problem set, which can be completed with the aid of notes and texts. This will be due in the hands of the relevant instructor no later than 5 p.m. of the third day after the midterm was given. To be completed satisfactorily, the student's score on the take-home test must be at or above the class median for the examination. If the exam is completed satisfactorily and the excuse was acceptable, the missed exam will not count against the student's final grade, i.e. the student's final grade in the course will be based on his/her performance on the other midterm and the final examination. If the missed exam is not completed satisfactorily as a problem set, or if the excuse was not acceptable, a score of zero will be assigned, and this zero score will be averaged with the student's scores on the other examinations when the final grade is determined. An incomplete will be granted if the final is missed for an acceptable and documented reason (see item 3 below). 2. Regrading: The Midterms will be handed back and may be subject to regrading if substantial errors are found. All regrading requests must be submitted in writing with a detailed explanation of the specific questions and items you are contesting. Quizzes and the final exam are not regraded. Midterms are routinely photocopied before they are handed back and if an alteration is found on an exam question for which regrading is requested, the student will automatically be assigned a zero for that entire test and the Office of Student Conduct will be notified. Copying another's answers during an exam and other forms of cheating will result in the same penalties. The Final can not be handed back as it is part of your record, but can be examined on request in the presence of a GSI during the first week of the next semester. 3. Incompletes. See Professor Luo before May 1 if you wish to request an incomplete. These requests are rarely granted and only for exceptional cases of prolonged illness or truly exceptional family emergencies which extend over long periods of time. An incomplete will also be given if a student is unable to attend the final exam because of an incapacitating illness or accident or a serious illness or death in the immediate family. Documentation will be required for all such requests. If an incomplete has been granted you can obtain an "I" Grade Report Form and instructions on their use from the staff in 2083 VLSB. 4. Letters of recommendation: Any of the three instructors may be approached for a letter of recommendation and are willing to provide a written evaluation for this purpose. So that we may prepare effective evaluations we ask that you follow the procedure outlined here. Be sure to attend at least 2 of the instructor's office hours. In addition, ask your discussion section GSI to write a brief note about your participation in section to the instructor. Sometime after the end of the course, request an interview with the instructor and bring a photocopy of your complete transcript and a personal history and statement of purpose along with any recommendation forms that need to be filled in. ...
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