week1_key - MCB130 week1 solutions 1. a) What does...

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MCB130 – week1 solutions 1 1. a) What does amphipathic mean? This term is used to describe molecules with both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions. b) Aside from phospholipids, name two other amphipathic molecules we have discussed in lecture? Sphingolipids (except sphingomyelin, which is actually a phospholipid itself), SDS and cholesterol 2. On what surface are carbohydrates found, cytoplasmic, exocytoplasmic or both? Exocytoplasmic. Oligosaccharides on the cell surface perform important receptor functions. 3. a) What forces mediate the binding of peripheral proteins to the membrane? Electrostatic interactions (these include ionic and dipole-dipole interactions, and also hydrogen bonding) b) Name two methods that may be used to remove peripheral proteins without disrupting integral membrane proteins? pH, ionic strength, and removal of divalent cations (Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ ) can all be used to disassociate peripheral proteins from the membrane. 4. a) This is the graph of viscosity versus temperature presented in lecture. Hypothesize why the shift introduced by cholesterol in the membrane (red) might be advantageous for an organism. Without cholesterol, the shift from fluid to semi-solid occurs very quickly across a very small range of temperatures. This means that the properties (viscosity) of the membrane would be extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Because membrane viscosity and fluidity can influence structural properties of the cell, diffusion of membrane imbedded
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week1_key - MCB130 week1 solutions 1. a) What does...

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