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CS205A midterm2_practice

Scientific Computing

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Unformatted text preview: CS205 Mathematical Methods for Computer Vision, Robotics, and Graphics Midterm 2 The following is a statement of the Stanford University Honor Code: 1. The honor Code is an undertaking of the students, individually and collectively: (a) that they will not give or receive aid in examinations; that they will not give or receive unpermitted aid in class work, in the preparation of reports, or in any other work that is to be used by the instructor as the basis of grading; (b) that they will do their share and take an active part in seeing to it that others as well as themselves uphold the spirit and letter of the Honor Code. 2. The faculty on its part manifests its confidence in the honor of its students by refraining from proctoring examinations and from taking unusual and unreasonable precautions to prevent the forms of dishonesty mentioned above. The faculty will also avoid, as far as practicable, academic procedures that create temptations to violate the Honor Code. 3. While the faculty alone has the right and obligation to set academic requirements, the students and faculty will work together to establish optimal conditions for honorable academic work. By writing my name below, I certify that I acknowledge and accept the Honor Code. Name Stanford ID Section Score Maximum Multiple Choice 8 Problem 1 4 Problem 2 4 Problem 3 4 Total 20 1 Multiple choice questions [8 × 1pt=8pts] (Questions 1-3) In order to solve the linear system Ax = b we may alternatively consider the unconstrained minimization problem for the function: f ( x ) = 1 2 x T Ax- b T x + c The figures below depict the isocontours of the function...
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CS205A midterm2_practice - CS205 Mathematical Methods for...

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