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1. Fill in this table about different types of imaging techniques (use + or - ) : GFP et al. immunofluor. EM DIC/Nomarski live imaging high resolution labeling speci±c molecules observing multiple structures tissue sections systems that are dif±cult to transform (genetically manipulate) 2. Brie²y explain the difference between resolution and contrast. 3. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of immuno²uorescence using direct vs. indirect labeling: 4. Give one advantage and one caveat for each of the following imaging experiments or systems:
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Unformatted text preview: (a) cultured cells (single cells) (b) ±xed tissue (e.g., formaldehyde treated) (c) double labeling experiment (multiple antibodies) (d) double labeling experiment (multiple ²uorescent tags) 5. Name three cellular processes that involve the cytoskeleton: MCB 130 Sections 101 and 102 Week 6 - Imaging and Cytoskeleton intro GSI: Jackie Chretien [email protected]
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