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Worksheet7 - β 4(at 1/2[actin(4 Flaments with gelsolin...

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1. Draw cartoons of the three phases of actin assembly. Include kinetics arrows, indicate whether the actin is ATP, ADP+Pi, or ADP bound, and label the (+) and ( ) ends. 2. What are the mechanisms of action of the actin “drugs” cytochalaisin and phalloidin, and what is their net effect on the cytoskeleton? (For example: Latrunculin sequesters monomers, leading to net disassembly of filaments because monomers come off filaments but cannot add on again.) 3. What is speckle analysis, and what did it demonstrate about the way actin filaments are oriented with respect to the cell membrane? 4. Name and briefly describe the six major classes of actin binding proteins, and give one (or more) example for each: 5. What would you expect to happen to a cell with a mutation that deleted the Arp2/3 complex? 6. What are three ways that actin filament polymerization can be monitored in vitro ? MCB 130 Sections 101 and 102 Week 7 - The Actin Cytoskeleton GSI: Jackie Chretien [email protected]
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7. Draw actin assembly curves for: (1) actin monomers (+ATP, etc) only; (2) monomers + formin; (3) monomers + thymosin
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Unformatted text preview: β 4 (at 1/2 [actin]), (4) Flaments with gelsolin added at a speciFc timepoint. Compare nucleators: formins Arp2/3 complex mechanism (draw, label the (+) and (−) ends) # of subunits binds to Flament sides? type of structures made activators 9. What are the Fve steps of the myosin ATP cross-bridge cycle? 10. Give the function of the following proteins within the sarcomere: • CapZ • Tropomodulin • Tropomyosin • Nebulin • Troponins (T, I and C) • Titan 11.The critical concentration of an actin Flament at steady state is 0.2uM; the Cc for the plus end is 0.1uM and the Cc for the minus end is 0.8uM. If you assemble actin to steady state in the presence of a plus-end capping protein, what will be the concentration of free actin in your reaction ? MCB 130 Sections 101 and 102 Week 7 - The Actin Cytoskeleton GSI: Jackie Chretien [email protected] time flament assembly add gelsolin 8....
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