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MCB102 Handout 8/30 The following is an amino acid in its fully protonated form: H H O ││ H─N + ─C─C─O─H H H 1a. Circle the alpha carbon. Put a box around the R group. Which amino acid is this? What are its three letter and one letter abbreviations? 1b. Is this amino acid polar or nonpolar? Aliphatic or aromatic? 1c. What are some unique features of this amino acid? 1d. The amino group of this amino acid has a pKa of 9.6. Does it contain the most easily donated
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Unformatted text preview: proton? If not, which functional group donates its proton more readily and what is its approximate pKa? 1e. In what pH range can this amino acid be used as an effective buffer due to its amino group? 1f. In a 0.1M solution of this amino acid at pH8.6, what fraction of the molecules are in the NH 3 + form? 1g. Draw the structure of this amino acid that predominates at pH7 and include any hydrogen-bonded water molecules....
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