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Formal Lab Report Your formal report should be typed neatly in paragraph form in your own words. Follow correct spelling and grammar rules. The report should be written in the past tense. (Do not tell us how we should do the experiment; tell us how you did the experiment.) It should be written in third person narrative. This means you might write: “In the experiment, a sample was….” NOT “In the experiment, we put the sample…” (in other words, no pronouns). (10 pts.) 1. Title of lab 2. Your name and the name of your partner (your name should be first) 3. One or two sentences explaining the purpose of the lab. (5 pts.) 4. A good explanation of the theory behind the lab in your own words. You may use the information in the lab manual, your textbook, notes from lab, or information from the Web. Convince us that you understand the calculations and how to interpret your data. Do not use quotation marks and quote a source. We know Ben Huck understands this lab. We want to know if you understand it. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANY SOURCE.
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