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Mixtures vs. solutions: Mixture: Heterogeneous- different phases A + B ____ Solution: chemical interaction Homogeneous, single phase. *Hexane would not dissolve in water because they are too dissimilar. There are LDF and H-Bonding forces, which do not cancel each other out. *Methanol and water would dissolve in each other because they both contain H-Boning forces. *ΔH-amount of energy put into the system *Amnt of energy released determines it the net result is endo-, exo-, or neutrally thermal. *When mixtures begin to form, you aren’t considering the pure form of the components anymore. *If something is highly endothermic it is not energetically favorable for a reaction
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Unformatted text preview: because of the amnt of energy needed to be put into the reaction. *molarity, molality, % comp, dilution, ppm/ppb (part by mass, part by volume) Molarity- most common, but not particularly accurate b/c denom. is based on vol. (L) of total solution (solute-solution relationship) Molality-does not depend on temperature, because it is a weight measurement, and molarity is a amount measurement (solute-solvent relationship) Mole fraction- unitless number, b/c its a ratio. More dilute, smaller fraction; more concentrated, larger fraction....
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