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Lauren Tankesley 3361L-02 1. A functional group is an atom or group of atoms in a molecule responsible for reactivity under a given set of conditions 2. OH O | || (X=Br, Cl, I, F) ----OH ---CH=CH--- ---C=O CH 3 ---C---CH 3 R---X Alcohol Alkene carboxylic ketone alkyl halide acid O || R---C---H aldehyde 3. The reagent would be a ketone, because it was detected in the 2,4 DNP test, but not the Tollen’s test which only detects aldehydes. A ketone is regularly detected in the 2,4 DNP test because of its carbonyl group and has an absorption of ~1700 cm -1 but a Tollen’s test will not produce a positive result (mirror) when used Tollen’s reagent and ketone are mixed. 4. Unknown code=DRA It was concluded that the alcohol functional group was present in the unknown compound
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The chromic anhydride was the determining test in the conclusion that DRA contained the alcohol group. It showed a positive (green) test. 6. The IR absorption 3340.23 cm -1 (shown on the IR graph) was the determinate of the alcohol group in our unknown. It was a broad peak in the alcohol IR absorption range. 7. 2,4 DNP test: first, combine two drops of unknown compound with 2 mL DNP reagent. Wait for a bright yellow, orange or red precipitate. If no precipitate forms, the test is negative and your unknown is not a ketone or aldehyde. If precipitate forms, there is a carbonyl group in your unknown and it could be an aldehyde or ketone. Further testing is required to determine whether or not you have an aldeyhde versus a ketone....
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