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1. Caffeine Acetaminophen Asprin Ethyl Acetate 2. SiO2; When a molecule is non-polar, it moves quickly up the plate, and when it is polar, the compound will move slowly. The polarity of the silica gel assists in the movement as well, seeing as the non polar molecules are more likely to move straight through the porous surface instead of being obstructed as polar molecules are. The reason for this is that the polar bonds in the silica gel and the polar bonds in the compounds have stronger interactions. 3. (on hard copy which is turned in to lab instructor)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The Rf values would decrease since the movement of both polar and non polar compounds depends on the polarity of the solvent, and hexane is a non polar substance. 5. The code for our unknown is SED, and we concluded that it was caffeine because its Rf value was almost identical to that of caffeine. 6. The student whose compound appears more drawn out may have either removed the silica plate too early or may have used the capillary to place too much sample onto the plate....
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