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Writing Lab Reports in Organic Chemistry DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY I. Why am I writing lab reports, exactly? Writing lab reports yields important practical benefits. As a science major, it helps you to improve the writing skills that you’ll soon depend on as a professional. Writing lab reports also forces you to think about the proper application of chemical concepts, the logic behind experiment protocols, and the proper interpretation of data. A well-written report therefore shows you and the Reader that you “get” the science behind each experiment. II. General advice a) Your lab reports, including all sections, tables, and drawings, must be your own individual , original work. b) Please read the experiment and prepare your notebook properly before you come to lab. As a result, the experiment will make more sense while you’re doing it and writing your lab report will be an easier, more pleasant task. c) Drawings of relevant chemical structures are required. Computer-generated drawings are preferred, using for example the ChemSketch software. Carefully hand- drawn structures may also be acceptable, but consult your instructor to be sure. d) Your lab instructor may ask that your reports contain some additional elements as compared with the format described below. Please follow the recommendations of your instructor regarding the detailed content and style of your reports. III. Format and content of lab reports Each lab report must be submitted at TurnItIn.com as a Word document (0.75 inch margins, 12 pt. Arial, single-spaced) before lab on the relevant due date. Reports must be two pages or less , although your instructor may increase the page limit for particular experiments. Each report must contain
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course CHEM 3361 LAB taught by Professor Tapu during the Spring '08 term at Kennesaw.

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Writing+Lab+Reports+-+revised+S08 - Writing Lab Reports in...

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