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A Violent America Essay - Sadre-Orafai English 1101-H3 A...

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Sadre-Orafai English 1101-H3 Fall 2007 A Violent America Violence is such a prevalent issue in America these days. Most American citizens live suppressed by fear, some of which is irrational, in a country which claims to be the safest on the planet. Michael Moore, an applauded yet controversial filmmaker, displays his understanding of American violence in the 2002 film Bowling for Columbine . The documentary traces the motives of the Columbine High School shooting, as well as the causes behind general gun violence in American society. A good argument should display a firm understanding of accurate sources and evidence, and it should both appeal to and persuade the audience to accept its proposal. Michael Moore presents a convincing and well-supported argument through use of valid evidence and sources, and through emotional persuasiveness and aesthetic appeal to the audience. He is ineffective, however, in that he does not explicitly state a claim to his audience. Moore presents countless bits of evidence that support the implication of America’s widespread violence. First, Moore conducts several interviews with subjects of varying social classes; he covers everyone from Charlton Heston, a famous actor and now president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), to two lowly youths playing pool with one another. Heston is portrayed on numerous occasions throughout the film basically as a supporter of gun violence, as he showed up for a rally in Littleton, Colorado, only a few days after the shooting at nearby Columbine High School. Panning to the two youths, Moore interviews one of them only to find out that he was expelled from high school in Littleton for pulling a gun on a fellow student. The other boy told Moore that he was second on the list of students to monitor because he was caught with possession of a 5 gallon drum of homemade napalm and bombs. Moore shows these two boys as evidence
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A Violent America Essay - Sadre-Orafai English 1101-H3 A...

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