proj 3 - Sadre-Orafai Engl 1101-H3 An Apathetic America...

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Sadre-Orafai Engl 1101-H3 Fall 2007 An Apathetic America The television station James is watching airs a campaign ad for a presidential candidate. The ad is flashy and appealing, and the candidate’s message is clear: he wants to fight for a cleaner environment and better use of natural resources. Almost by habit, James switches the channel in a carefree way to MTV, his favorite station. Somewhere else in the United States, Marissa is driving to her friend’s house in a nearby town. Above the interstate, she sees a giant red, white and blue billboard proclaiming the main points of a campaign directed by a man who is running for president. Marissa rolls her eyes and does not take another look at the passing billboard. Both James and Marissa are perfect examples of how people are sometimes apathetic and indifferent to what goes on in their government. With the upcoming presidential election, the amount of attention that people show towards politics and government can be seen on a greater scale; however, not much counterweight is needed to balance the amount of interest. Americans possess significantly decreased confidence and involvement in political issues. This problem is caused by the inundation of the media in American homes and an increased interest in pop culture and internet sites. No matter how many people wish to ignore the facts, media has an astounding impact on the decisions viewers make and the ideas they desire to accept. When viewers accept sub-par ideas from the media, those ideas take place of what matters most in news: politics and national issues. Since both print and television media are half of the resources from which Americans gather daily news, and both give conflicting views about global and national matters, citizens are left unsympathetic and almost tough skinned on several issues of great importance. The television channel FOX, a well
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Sadre-Orafai Engl 1101-H3
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proj 3 - Sadre-Orafai Engl 1101-H3 An Apathetic America...

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