What Makes a Great Rock Band

What Makes a Great Rock Band - Sadre-Orafai English 1101-H3...

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Sadre-Orafai English 1101-H3 Fall 2007 What Makes a Great Rock Band? Rock music covers such a wide variety of musicians and fans that not one band alone can define this broad genre. Some say the genre formed from the likes of Elvis or The Beatles, while others say it was a forward progression of the swing-dance and do- wop type music of the late 1940’s and 1950’s; however, today rock groups in the underground music scene range from cute pop-punk bands with acoustic guitars to raging, screaming heavy hardcore boys singing about teen angst. Thousands of small bands in garages all over the world crop up and try to make it in the so-called “scene.” Finding a rock band that will suit all the harmonic and melodic needs of a person’s brain is not hard, since there is so much to choose from, but when one is looking for a band that is actually considered good, there are a few characteristics they should deem necessary. Longevity, hit songs, and a great lead vocalist are but a few major things one should seek. Also, lyrics and originality of the music must be considered. Bands that have shown they hold the secret to greatness include Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, and Brand New. The key factor in a band’s success is the ability to make it through the years. The Rolling Stones have definitely proven that they can stay on top amid all the wreckage of rock and roll. In the past forty years, Rolling Stones have released an incredible thirty albums worldwide. Mick Jagger and crew have endured investigations of band mates’ acclaimed drug addictions, criticism from the national community and over forty years of a changing society with skills they acquired from simply knowing how to play the industry. They have remained a crowd favorite as they toured the world for over thirty four years since they first opened for a British band in England. With the ability to stay popular for so long comes a certain respectability that one feels towards a musical group,
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What Makes a Great Rock Band - Sadre-Orafai English 1101-H3...

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