proj 3 1 - Lauren Tankesley Spring 2008 Third World Labor:...

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Lauren Tankesley Spring 2008 Engl 1102-H2 Third World Labor: An Annotated Bibliography Bigelow, Bill. "The Human Lives Behind the Labels: The Global Sweatshop, Nike, and the Race to the Bottom." Phi Delta Kappan . Feb. 1997. Questia. 9 Mar. 2008 <>. The author delves into the reality of how little people know about sweatshops. It examines statistically the minimum knowledge that Americans are fed about countries other than their own. Bill Bigelow is a former Portland high school history teacher and is currently an editor for Rethinking Schools. Foek, Anton. “Sweatshop Barbie: Exploitation of Third World Labor." The Humanist 57.1 (1998): 9-14 ProQuest . 9 Mar. 2008 < Foek describes first hand the kind of health problems that four “brutally exploited” women employed in Thailand’s toy-producing sweatshops experience. He also gives readers a close up view of the working conditions present in those facilities. Foek is a freelance journalist previously working with the Washington Post. I intend to use this article in a manner that will further allow readers to see the harsh conditions that their precious commodities are manufactured under. Kristoff, Nicholas, and Sheryl WuDunn. "Two Cheers for Sweatshops." Zondervan: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2000. 9 Mar. 2008 < id=CxR5lUGjlLcC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Beyond+Integrity:+A+Judeo-
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course ENGL 1101 taught by Professor Sadre-orafai during the Spring '08 term at Kennesaw.

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proj 3 1 - Lauren Tankesley Spring 2008 Third World Labor:...

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