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Sadre-Orafai English 1102 Spring 2008 Project 1: Synthesis Essay You are to summarize an article (at least three pages) of your choosing pertaining to  your topic area. Ms. Sadre-Orafai must approve  all  articles. To summarize, you  need to only include the main points. Remember, a summary is not detailed or  opinionated.  Audience:  Academic (Ms. Sadre-Orafai) Length:  1-2 typed double-spaced pages (12 point font) Due Dates: January 23 (W)-Draft #1 and Reflective Memo ( bring copies ) February 4 (M)  or  February 6 (W)-Draft #2 and Reflective Memo ( in my office ) **Don’t forget to highlight all changes from draft to draft** **Remember every draft is to be accompanied by a reflective memo**
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Unformatted text preview: Tips: 1. Make sure you identify in your essay who the author is and the title of the essay within the first couple of sentences. 2. You should read and re-read and re-read again the essay you are summarizing. Doing this will ensure that you have noted the most important ideas. 3. Use the authors own words when those words are the best way to state the ideas. Otherwise, just paraphrase. 4. Watch out for plagiarism. Your summary cannot contain any of the same language or sentence structure as the original essay. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU ARE A SUPER WRITER....
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