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Civil rights Equality Opportunity (same chance) Outcome (pre-set result (20% female, 10% African American)) Civil War Amendment 13 th end slavery (1865) 14 th US citizen, = protection under law, due process in court of law (1868) 15 th black men right to vote (1870) Dred Scott (1857) 1865-black codes
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Unformatted text preview: 1866-civil act 1873-slaughterhouse act 1875-civil acts (equal access) 1890-LA: passenger comfort act 1892-Plessy v Ferguson [separate, but equal] (train car 7/8 white) 1909-NAACP formed 1935-Gaines (law) MO 1948-sim---(law) OK 1950-Sweat (law) TX and McLaren (PhD) OK 1954-Brown v Board of Education...
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