Notes ch 1-10

Notes ch 1-10 - What is Gov't Use of force within a defined...

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What is Gov’t? Use of force within a defined area used to control behavior. Purpose Maintain order (protect life and property) Provide for the benefit of the pubic Promote equality Forms Totalitarian----Dictator/Tyrant----Communism----Socialism----Capitalism----Libertarianism----Anarchist Total control (king) (all prod) (lim. priv.) (allow priv. own)(gov only protects (X gov’t) life/ property) |___________________| Democracy Liberals Republicans Democrats: No legal marijuana Publicized health care Less controlling military Republicans: Stamp out drug use Privatized health care More military Autocracy-one ruler Oligarchy-few rule Democracy-ruled by the people Direct, indirect (representation) Procedural Democracy - election (free election), voting, universal participation, majority rule (50% +1) Majoritarian- 51% wins Pluralism- lobby the public interest group-based, ROBERT DAHL Problems with the Articles of Confederation 1. national gov’t-no tax 2.         “ no leader 3. had no amendments 4. allowed no regular commerce NOT God---King---People BUT God---People---Gov’t Shays rebellion takes place |Federalists- strong central government |Anti federalist-states rights Article I-Congress (people feared that it might have too much power); Enumerate powers (nec/prop clause) VA 3 branches Legislature [2 chamber (house=population) (senate=selected by house)] 1 president National judiciary +NJ 1 chamber (equal rep)
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No fed judiciary =CT Great compromise,,k II Pres IIICourts IV Full and Faith (states have to honor other states credits (license))  V supremacy clause Compromises Senate=equal (2x) House=population (435)
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Notes ch 1-10 - What is Gov't Use of force within a defined...

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