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The world is so worldly

The world is so worldly - The world is so worldly It's...

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The world is so worldly. It’s involved in itself too much, like a self- important girl looking for a mirror to gaze into at her own character. The world would have me believe that money, fame, importance, success and the class of society I am labeled as determines my destiny, fate, and outcome, and worth. But all the while, I defeat the world’s opinion of my life because I know that “here come better days, in a better place”. I live only for a few things, and right now I should probably rearrange that list. I am sometimes ignored. I have come to realize that. My quiet voice is often overlooked and unrecognized. I speak too subtly and my voice is drowned out by the uproar of students in the hallway. When I do have a chance to speak out, the time is usually limited and I’m cut off. Im not playing that petty “im a teenager, and im so ignored and misunderstood” role But in a more personal relationship with those I have made closer to me I mean a lot and that means a lot to me. Who I want to know me doesn’t know I exist. Sure,
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