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Thomas Bragg Mr. Karlins Films… January 23, 2008 Select and carefully examine one shot or frame from Citizen Kane. Look at this extremely closely, as you might a painting. Briefly describe what you see. How accurately and concisely can you convey what is on the screen? Citizen Kane can and should only be viewed in black and white. Color would not do the movie justice nor properly highlight the important messages and revolutionary camera work this film demonstrated. Two scenes that back this statement are the closing shot of Zanadu and the scene in which Susan Alexander Kane confronts her husband in their living room. Zanadu in the closing scene looks very similar to Mount Doom or even the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle in The Wizard of Oz. It sits upon a hill over looking the surrounding land. Dark steel fencing with a no trespassing sign encloses Kane’s compound. Thick clouds of black smoke rise from the chimney joining the dark sky that falls over Zanadu, shutting out all light. Forbid to venture close to the compound, white
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