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problemset5 - anomer of the aldohexose you drew above(c How...

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PROBLEM SET 5 FALL 2007 MCB102 Collins Multiple Choice 1. Which of following is an anomeric pair? A) D-glucose and D-fructose B) D-glucose and L-glucose C) α -D-glucose and β -D-glucose D) α -D-glucose and β -L-glucose 2. Starch and glycogen are both polymers of: A) fructose. B) sucrose. C) α -D-glucose. D) β -D-glucose. 3. The basic structure of a proteoglycan consists of a core protein and a: A) glycolipid. B) glycosaminoglycan. C) lipopolysaccharide. D) peptidoglycan. True or false 1. The following statements are about starch and glycogen: A) Amylose is unbranched. B) Amylopectin and glycogen contain many ( α 1 6) branches. C) Glycogen is more extensively branched than starch. 2. The fluidity (disorder) of the lipid side chains in a bilayer is generally increased by: A) a decrease in temperature. B) an increase in the number of double bonds in fatty acids. C) the binding of water to the fatty acyl side chains. Short answer and beyond 1. Define epimer. 2. (a) Draw the structure of any aldohexose in the pyranose ring form. (b) Draw the structure of the
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Unformatted text preview: anomer of the aldohexose you drew above. (c) How many stereoisomers of the aldohexoses you drew are theoretically possible? 3. In the following structure: (a) How many of the monosaccharide units are furanoses and how may are pyranoses? (b) What is the linkage between the two monosaccharide units (make sure to indicate the carbon numbers). 4. In glycoproteins, the carbohydrate moiety can be attached through which 3 amino acid residues? 5. Approximately how many amino acid residues in the shortest α helix segment in a protein that will span a membrane bilayer? Why? 6. Which vitamin is derived from cholesterol? 7. Describe the differences between a proteoglycan and a glycoprotein. 8. Draw the structure of a triglyceride in comparison with a glycerophospholipid. Make the fatty acid chains each 8 carbons long and fully saturated (you do not have to draw hydrogen atoms of the fatty acid chains)....
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