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Sara Schmidt Lindsey Alber Critical Analysis (December 5, 2007) Topic: Women as Subjects in Society With a partner, prepare a four page report (double spaced). This report should be an expansion on a previous group project already graded. Please be sure to include two academic articles (Muse, or JSTOR) and incorporate them into your analysis. I. How to Prepare Get a new partner Study the following: o Impressionism o Japonisme o Who are some of the main artists in these movements? Choose two images: o Western woman in Impressionism o Western women in Japonisme Select images that will produce a meaningful comparison. Visual Analysis: How do the artists use composition, colors, motifs, medium, shape, pose, size, facial expressions, background, attire and ornaments etc…? II. Report: Comparative Analysis Compare you analysis with your partner’s. How do the artists portray their subjects? What causes the artists to portray their subjects this way? Who is the ideal viewer? What are the assumptions made about women by the producer of the artwork? What assumptions does the viewer make about the artist when observing these images? What kind of message about feminism does the artist portray in the image? How does the artist use, composition, color, facial expression, background, attire of the subject and ornaments to portray their subjects in a particular manner? Does the style (Japanese or Western) of the painting contribute to whether the subject is portrayed as an object?
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Sara Schmidt Lindsey Alber Dominating Our World Since the beginning of biblical time, women have been portrayed as inferior to men throughout society. This idea transcends into artwork throughout history. Mary Cassatt an impressionist painter who demonstrates in her artwork that women are not just objects but are fashioned as equal members of society. However, artist William Merritt Chase depicts women as objects to be looked at just as many other male counterparts do in the art community. Mary Cassatt uses her artwork as a way to contradict society’s view of women. “Young Woman Sewing in the Garden” (Femme Cousant), a western style painting, by Mary Cassatt, is an oil on canvas, painted in 1880. The painting depicts an outside scene which was a favorite location for impressionist painters. The image appears to be more of a snapshot than a painting, causing the viewer to focus on the girl’s activity rather than on her as a woman. The girl is not posed and is unaware that anyone is observing her. Her gaze is on her sewing causing her eyes to be downcast, adding to the attention being
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Critical Analysis final copy - Sara Schmidt Lindsey Alber...

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