IAH Naomi Outline - Outline I. II. Love and Its...

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Outline I. Love and Its Consequences II. The narrator Joji persuades the reader that he still loves Naomi despite all of the adultery she committed towards him. III. Joji presents many reasons to still love Naomi… A. Naomi was like a daughter to Joji because of the fact that he raised her from the age of fifteen. 1. In the beginning of the novel when Joji was giving Naomi horseback rides throughout the house she fell. Joji’s acted like a parents sayings, “Where does it hurt? Show me (21). Here Joji picks her up as Naomi shows her where she scraped herself. B. Joji thought of her as a western beauty, an ideal wife for him. 1. When Naomi comes back to the house in Omori she comes dressed in Western attire and Joji says,“Even after she removed her hat, I still might have thought that this woman was some unknown Westerner” (208). After saying that he goes in to great detail in describing her new features that look incredibley Western to him, “I had the feeling that this mysterious girl might
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IAH Naomi Outline - Outline I. II. Love and Its...

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