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animal prelab - d Researchers would want to produce a...

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2. Transgenic Organisms a. A transgenic organism is an organism whose genome has been modified by introduction of foreign DNA. b. Examples of transgenic plants and animals are corn that is resistant to pest, and fish that glow in a UV light. c. Three methods by which animals are transformed are transforming of embryonic stem cells, injecting genes into the pronucleus of a fertilized egg, and insertion of genes into a vector. The transformation of the embryonic stem cell is achieved by exposing a cutler of stem cells to selected segments of DNA.
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Unformatted text preview: d. Researchers would want to produce a transgenic animal so that they could be better suited to their environment, or resistant to a disease or pest. This could be used as research to find ways to make humans resistant to diseases. e. The jellyfish GFP gene has been inserted to several other organisms including cats, and GLOfish. f. Creating transgenic organisms is controversial because changing animals DNA is messing with genetic code, which is a moral issue....
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