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Unformatted text preview: BIOL 1353 PRE‐NURSING MICROBIOLOGY SECTION 13967 FALL 2014 Instructor: Richard Knapp, Ph.D. Office: Room 222 Science and Teaching Laboratories (STL) Office Hours: TTH 11‐12 PM or by appointment Location & Time: Mon/Wed 5:30‐7:00pm SEC‐101 Required Text: Microbiology, An Introduction, 11th edition with Mastering Microbiology by Tortora, Funke, & Case (Pearson) BIOL 1353 Pre‐Nursing Microbiology Fall 2014 Course Schedule* Week Date Chapter 1 th N/A th 1 2 3 4 5 Aug 25 (Mon) 27 (Wed) st Sept 1 (Mon) 4 Functional Anatomy of Prokaryotic Cells th 5 Microbial Metabolism th 5; 6 th 6 Microbial Growth nd 7 Control of Microbial Growth 15 (Mon) 17 (Wed) 22 (Mon) 24 th Labor Day Holiday ‐ No Class 1; 4 10 (Wed) The Microbial World & You th 8 (Mon) Introduction to course rd 3 (Wed) Topic th (Wed) Microbial World & You; Functional Anatomy of Prokaryotic Cells Microbial Metabolism; Microbial Growth Catch‐up day th 6 29 , 30 (Mon/Tue) Exam 1 @ CASA (CH’s 1, 4‐7) Oct 7 8 9 10 1st (Wed) 8 Microbial Genetics th 8 Microbial Genetics th 13 Viruses, Viroids, and Prions th 13 Viruses, Viroids, and Prions th 14 Principles of Disease and Epidemiology th 14 Principles of Disease and Epidemiology nd 15 Microbial Mechanisms of Pathogenicity th 16 Innate immunity th 16 Innate immunity rd Catch‐up day 6 (Mon) 8 (Wed) 13 (Mon) 15 (Wed) 20 (Mon) 22 (Wed) 27 (Mon) 29 (Wed) 11 Nov th 5 , 6 (Wed/Thur) 12 th 17 Adaptive Immunity th 17 Adaptive Immunity th TBD Mystery topic th TBD Mystery topic 13 3 (Mon) th 10 (Mon) 12 (Wed) 17 (Mon) 19 (Wed) th 14 24 (Mon) 26th (Wed) 15 Exam 2 @ CASA (CH’s 8, 13‐16) 21‐26 Selected microbial diseases: Skin/Eyes (21); Nervous System (22); Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Systems (23); and Respiratory System (24); Digestive System (25); Urinary & Reproductive Systems (26) Thanksgiving Holiday – No Class st Dec 1 (Mon) 3rd (Wed) 12th, 13th (Fri/Sat) 21‐26 Selected microbial diseases continued Exam 3 @ CASA (CH’s 17, 21‐26, & TBD) *schedule may be modified over the course of the semester; students will be notified of any changes 2 Course Description BIOL 1353 is Pre‐Nursing Microbiology, a required course for Pre‐Nursing/Dual Degree majors and Human Nutrition & Foods majors; this course may not apply to course or GPA requirements for a major or minor in natural sciences and mathematics. The goal of this course is to introduce students to basic concepts of microbiology. The emphasis of this course is on prokaryotic biology; the goal is to convey an understanding of the structure, physiology, metabolic diversity, growth characteristics and genetics of prokaryotic microorganisms. The remainder of the course emphasizes medical microbiology and covers: (a) the fundamental principles of disease and epidemiology; (b) the pathogenicity of microbes; (c) both the innate and adaptive mechanisms of immunity; (d) antimicrobial drugs; and (e) clinically important microbes (prokaryotic, eukaryotic, and viruses) and the diseases they cause. Laboratory BIOL 1153 is a 1 credit‐hour course consisting of lecture and laboratory. Concurrent enrollment and attendance in the laboratory course is not required. For further information on BIOL 1153 laboratories contact the laboratory coordinator, Dr. Knapp (room 222, STL Building). Required Textbook: Microbiology, An Introduction, 11th edition with Mastering Microbiology by Tortora, Funke, & Case; publisher: Pearson; this is available in the UH bookstore. Mastering Microbiology can be purchased without the textbook, as well as other options are available; these are shown to the right. These options are available on the publisher’s website at mypearsonstore.com BLACKBOARD LEARN: Blackboard Learn is the UH web CT site where material for the course is uploaded, such as the syllabus, lecture notes, etc; grade information can be viewed here as well. If you are enrolled in the course (BIOL 1353) you will have access; follow the instructions below. A Blackboard information guide is available at . Registered students are loaded into Blackboard Learn courses from the registration system. Go to and click on the red “Blackboard Learn” link; log in to Blackboard Learn with your CougarNetID and password. Classroom: prior to the start of class, turn off all electronic devices; respect other students around you by not talking during lecture and thereby preventing them from hearing the lecture. You are paying and/or borrowing a lot of money to take this class – do not be a disruption that results in students not getting what they paid for. Failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave. All lectures are recorded – what you hear in class and see on the projector screen is captured and available for later viewing. Though attendance is not taken, invariably those that do come to class regularly perform better than those that do not come to class. Exams, Quizzes, Student Response Pads, MasteringMicrobiology and Grading Polices Final grades are comprised of: 1) 50% of final grade: three exams, each worth 16.67%; the third exam is taken during the final exam period after classes have ended ‐ it is not a comprehensive exam. Exam 3 comprises all information covered after Exam 2. 2) 20% of final grade: six quizzes, lowest quiz grade is dropped; each worth 4%. Quizzes are taken on the Blackboard Learn site as specified in the exam & quiz schedule below; there is no sign‐up or registration for quizzes. The weeks quizzes are given, they will be available Thursday through Saturday. There is a thirty minute time limit in which to complete the quiz, and you will have two attempts to achieve the best possible score; the highest scored attempt will be recorded. Quizzes consist of 5‐ 10 questions which can be in a variety of forms: multiple choice, true/false, fill‐in‐the‐blank, etc; some questions may include diagrams and/or data graphs. • NOTE: take the quizzes during the allotted time frame; quizzes will not be allowed to be taken once the deadline has passed ‐ no exceptions. There are no make‐ups for quizzes. 3) 20% of the final grade: completion of Mastering Microbiology assignments; details below. 4) 10% of final grade: points earned through clickers (i.e., student response pads); more details on this are provided below. A few clicker questions, in different formats, are given during most classes. Everyone whobrings and uses a functional clicker 3 3 during class will automaticcally earn one e point for atte endance, wheether or not a question is answered correectly; naturally y, uestions correcctly further boosts the numb ber of points yoou can earn. P Please take notte of the follow wing: answering qu • It is you ur responsibilitty to bring the clicker to class; if you foorget, you willl not be eligib ble to earn po oints, including attendan nce. I do not aaccept paper su ubmission of re esponses to cliicker questions ‐ only clicker responses aree accepted. • It is yourr responsibilityy to have a funcctional clicker; if you use it a nd it does not work ‐ check tthe batteries. • It is yourr responsibilityy to properly re egister your clicker ‐ unregisttered clickers h have no name assigned to th hem, so I do no ot to whom m the points be elong to, and th hus you will no ot earn any poiints. • Everyone will have two o (2) free passe es; i.e., no penalty not havingg a clicker either due to abseence or other reason 5 5) Extra credit: TBD (to be determined) Exam ms will cover material m presented during le ectures. NOTE: not all mateerial comes fro om the textbo ook, I have otther sources of o inform mation and the ese will be mad de available to o you. Exams co onsist of aboutt 40 questions in the form multiple choice w which may also o includ de diagrams/pictures/data, aand some true/false question ns. You will haave 60 minutess to complete each exam. Exxams are taken at thee CASA Testingg Center, detaills on CASA writtten below. Studeents must take e all three exam ms; there are no dropped exxams, and the re is no make‐‐up for exams.. The only excceptions to this policyy will be in the e case of a veriifiable medical condition or o other emergenncy; I must be notified (e‐maail, phone call) of this as soon as po ossible, prior to o the exam daate. If you havve a valid excu use for missingg an exam theen at my discreetion, I may allow a make‐up exam m to be given. Excuses of a p purely social naature will not be accepted. PPlease familiarrize yourself w with the Univerrsity policies on cheatting and acade emic honesty outlined in th he University of o Houston Stuudent Handbo ook. Cheating during the exam will not be toleraated. Demonsstrable inciden nts of cheatingg could result iin the studentt receiving a zeero for the exxam or a gradee of “F” for the coursse. ONLY Y EXAMS are ccurved (QUIZZZES ARE NOT C CURVED). Exams scores aree subjected to a statistical an nalysis, which yields a curve e; resultts of this analyysis are presented the week after an exam and are also pposted on Blacckboard Learn (more on Blackboard below)). At the end of the semester, the aaverages of the four exams aare also similaarly curved. Frrom this final aanalysis, letterr grade cut‐offfs are determined (C‐,, C, C+, B‐, B, ettc) and final grrades are then assigned. m/Quiz Schedule: Exam NOTE: Every studennt their t ownn has expectatio ons in terms oof the fiinal grade theyy wish to achieve in the cou urse. If you arre not meetingg thesee expectations as indicated b by your first 2 exam scores, then drop thee coursse. I will drop yyou with a “W W” up until Octo ober 31st; after this date it w will be too late;; after this date the only reco ourse is to take a med dical drop and d this is done through the Accademic Management Prograam in E. Cullen n ‐ this option requires that you drop all o of the co ourses you are e enrolled in th his semester. CASA A Testing Cente er Exam ms are taken eitther at the CA ASA Testing Center in room 2 221 of Garriso n Gymnasium (bldg 532 on the campus m map) OR in CBB B, the C Classroom and Business Build ding room 242 (bldg. 499 on the campus m map). Studentss are required tto sign‐up for ttime slots prio or to thee exam; the siggn‐up period b begins two weeks before the e test date. Inn order to reseerve a time slott you must go to the website www w.casa.uh.edu/ccasa/ and regisster so that yo ou can obtain aa log in ID and password. On nce you have d done this you can then log in and sselect available e time slots. Ass mentioned p previously, starrt signing up eaarly so that you u can get the ttime you want;; DO NOT WAIT T UNTILL THE LAST MINUTE. Each exam will be ad dministered ovver 2 days, so tthere will be p plenty of spacee available; failure to take the test b because there was no availab ble time is not a valid excuse e and a zero wiill be given for that exam. Also note, as off fall 2008 CASA A additionally require es students to h have a finger sscan done as an n extra securitty precaution. This must be d done prior to tthe exam and is CASA testing ccenter as well;; if you have aalready compleeted the finger scan last sem mester, you DO O NOT have to o carrieed out at the C repeaat the procedure. For th he particular day & time you take the exam m, arrive 15‐30 minutes prior to your start ttime and bring your student ID; if you arrive late (a minute or more), CASA will not allow you u to take the exxam. 4 4 So, to o summarize th he procedure: (1) register on n the CASA we ebsite now, (2)) get the finger scan if needeed, (3) when o opened, sign‐up early for time slots, and (4) bring your student IID and arrive e early prior to yoour start time. ology Mastering Microbio Mastering MIccrobiology is aa website maintained by the a on o Mastering Microbiology; M 20% of your grade comes from assignments uizzes, and qu uestions to heelp you understand the material. An aaccess code to o textbook publisherr and provides tutorials, qu h the textbookk you purchassed; simply go o to biology.com/ to o MasteeringMicrobiology is provided along with registter and enter the site. Acce ess codes are not provided w with used texttbooks; you caan purchase an n access card by itself at the mypeearsonstore.com (see under “Required Texxtbook” above for details). A Assignments w will be posted iin MasteringM Microbiology fo or all ch hapters covered in this coursse. View the d document title ed “How to Re gister for MassteringMicrobiology” posted on Blackboard d Learn n course site to o register on th he site, this doccument contains the course IID information n you must enter to gain acceess to the site. Clickeers/Student Re esponse Pads: • This course e uses the TurrningPoint softtware to enhance student enngagement byy providing stu udents the abillity to provided d real time rresponses to q questions durin ng class using “clickers” (alsoo known as reesponse pads);; points earned d using clickerrs amounts to 10% of yourr final grade. Students can purchase clickkers from the U UH bookstore;; alternatively clickers can be er, you do nott need to purcchase another one. For mo ore information rented forr a semester. If you alreadyy have a clicke regarding clickers please e download an nd view the do ocument on th he 1353 Blackkboard site titlled “Clicker In nformation and d everything you u need to know w. How‐To‐Use Guide” ‐ thiis will tell you e • VERY IMPO ORTANT: DO NOT purchase e the TurningPo oint ResponseW Ware that worrks with a smaartphone or lap ptop computerr; this relies on a wireless connection in n the classroom m. Our classrooom, SEC‐101,, can experien nce issues with h maintaining a nection ‐ if th he connection drops, the R ResponseWare does not fun nction, and co onsequently no o consistent wireless conn Ware be aware responses are received aand no points aare potentiallyy earned; if yoou still intend tto obtain and use ResponseW esponses receivved via the Tu rningPoint softtware, I do nott accept paperr submissions. of these pitfalls. Again, I only accept re • Registratio on: DO NOT use a clicker in class until it has been regisstered; I do not accept re esponses from m un‐ registered clickers. To T register a a clicker, use e the on link availaable on the 1353 TurningPoint registratio d site and follo ow the instrucctions posted tto the Blackboard right. Also o, if you are using u a clicker in another co ourse, you also need n to registe er it for this course c as well;; take note of ste ep #7 as you do o this. Tutorring Tutorring is available through Learning Support Services (713 3‐743‐5411); thhey are located in room 321 1 in the Social Work Building (webssite for schedu ule of tutoring hours: ). Also: go to the UH ho ome page (ww ww.uh.edu) and d enterr “tutoring” in tthe search win ndow – this will provide a list of additional ttutoring option ns. Tips ffor Success 1. es and other class material are posted on o Blackboardd Learn (instru w) prior to claass. Download d uctions below Lecture note documents and a bring with h you to take notes n on durin ng class. It is important to take notes du uring class; nott all material is presented in n my lecture notes, n as I frequently draw diagrams andd write duringg lecture in order to explain n concepts and d processes. TThe assigned ch hapter(s) should be read prio or to the class llecture coverin ng that materiaal. This strateggy will help you to follow the e lectures and e enhance your aability to master the informaation and conceepts needed to o do well on th he exams. 2. Lectures are recorded, but this is not an online course;; use it as a toool to augment your regular sstudying routin ne. The lecture esigned to help you to understand what iss covered in thhe text and to cclarify some of the more diffficult conceptss. material is de Students who attend the lectures l invariable do betterr in the coursee. Lastly, tecchnical problem ms may occur that prevent a ed, or affect the outcome of o the recordedd lecture. In m my experience, however, such occurrences lecture from being recorde 5 have happened only very infrequently, nevertheless, be aware that this may happen to one or two of the lectures during the semester. 3. Studying for exams: lecture notes and your own notes taken during class should be your primary study material; use the text as a resource to help you understand material you don’t understand from the lecture notes. As you study, make a note of those topics you do not quite understand and see me (or email) for clarification of these concepts. There are exam review sheets available prior to each exam; print this out and follow this guide as you study (if it is not on the review sheet, it will not be on the test). There may be additional material available aside from the lecture notes, including animations and recorded lectures; look over these as well. Your goal in studying is not to memorize everything, but rather to be able to correctly explain the concepts covered in class. If you truly understand a particular concept in this way, then you can correctly answer any type of question asked on that topic. 4. 5. Participate in class! I will use certain web‐based applications to facilitate your participation in class, so bring your laptop or smartphone AND CLICKER and join in. To familiarize yourself with these couple of sites, the links are provided below ‐ once you get to the sites, bookmark them for instant access in class. a. : this is an online whiteboard where I will invite you to join in and collobarate; I will provide you a site‐specific link that will allow you to join in. b. : this is a forum where you can anonymously ask questions and answer questions posed in class c. : this site is more of a study tool, rather than an in‐ class tool; when you go to this site, go to the operating system that applies to you and download the IHMC CmapLite option. This allows you to construct concept maps, or mind maps ‐ a great way to test your understanding of the course material as you study. I will go over this application in class to help you use and understand it. Keep up with the reading and studying! If you fall too far behind it may be impossible to catch up since the fundamentals taught early on are integral to the material taught later on in the course. A consistent effort is essential for a good grade. General Information Students with disabilities are accommodated per University rules and regulations. To make the necessary arrangements you should register with Center for Students with Disabilities at 307 Student Service Center, or call (713)743‐5400. If a student decides to withdraw from the course, it is his/hers responsibility (not the instructors) to complete, have the instructor sign, and submit the necessary form. Students who complete only part of the exams and/or other required assignments for the course and do not complete the paperwork required for withdrawal will receive a grade of “F”. At the instructor’s discretion, students withdrawing from the course may receive a grade of “F” instead of a “W” if they have not received passing grades up to that point. Regarding late drops (after the drop date has passed): I have no authority to drop you from the course under these circumstances; you will need to go to the Undergraduate Advising Office (room 120 in the Science Building) and speak with the biology undergraduate advisors. Important Dates: Tues September 2nd Wed September 10th Fri October 31st Last day to add a class Last day to drop the course without receiving a grade Last day to drop the course with a “W” ...
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