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Morgan W. Katie V. Cassy H. Kevin W. American Graffiti Directed by George Lucas, American Graffiti was filmed in 1973 over a twenty- nine day period once the sun had set in the streets of Modesto, California. The movie was set in 1962 and represented the youth culture in small town America during a time when media influences and the growing automobile industry represented independence for the youth in America. Cool cars coupled with rock and roll provided freedom of expression and was alluring to teenagers who were establishing a unique identity compared to the family oriented standards of the 1950’s. The controversy of vintage cars, rock n roll, and dragsters were portrayed throughout an entire night’s worth of teenagers rebelling against law enforcement. George Lucas grew up in Modesto during this era and described his recreated version as a glamorized version of the time period. It accurately sums up the youth’s favorite past times and interests when four main teenagers near graduation and attempt to find their identity with a crazy night cruising the town. The four main characters personified in American Graffiti were the typical rebel, nerd, outstanding student, and the idolized trend setter. They illustrated the ideal social bridges that are still present today. Following these four characters’ adventures throughout the night allowed any viewer to identify with one of the characters and their
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hist-moviereview - Morgan W Katie V Cassy H Kevin W...

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