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Krieberg 55056448 Pg.1 As long as psychologists have been doing experiments on people the American Psychological Associations (APA) has been setting guidelines to follow. These guidelines vary from having the data from their research being reviewed to the acceptable practices to testing on animals. One of the main guidelines that the APA enforces is how deception is used in experiments. According APA guidelines deception is allowed to be used in studies, but must be justified and also the patient must be explained in due time why the deception was necessary (Weiten, 2007). Another stipulation that is enforced when talking about deception, or any other psychological study for that matter, is that deception cannot be used to harm a patient physically or mentally in any way (Weiten, 2007). Two cases that have been highly controversial with deception at the center of them are Dr. John Money’s John/Joan case study and Dr. Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiment. With Dr. Money’s case of John/Joan deception was used to make the patient believe that he was actually a women, because of a botched circumcision. Money convinced the grief stricken child’s parents to give him consent to, transform baby Bruce Riemer into baby Brenda Riemer. Not only was this a form of deception to Bruce, but to the whole Riemer family who was mislead to believe this was the best option for their son/daughter. Money’s use of deception in his experiment to prove that gender is a social construct not a biological construct blatantly crosses the line of deception, to just lying to the a patient. The main factor that what Money does is not deception, is that in the guideline it states, “the deception must be disclosed to subjects in ‘debriefing’ as soon as it is practical” (Weiten, 2007, p. 62). Money had no intention of ever telling Bruce/Brenda that she was actually a man, this would break one of the APA’s guidelines for deception due to the fact that no debriefing was going to be made. Finally, Money’s work with Bruce/Brenda involved the child to live a lie for 16 years. Not only did Money tremendous
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Krieberg 55056448 Pg.2 emotional damage to Bruce/Brenda, but also to his family. Bruce’s brother would later go on to
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Psych paper - Krieberg 55056448 Pg.1 As long as...

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