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Unformatted text preview: 2018 year 9 month 2 day [Press Release | For Immediate Release] Secondary School Students' Depression and Anxiety Survey 2018, "more than half of high school students in a depression 7 pairs academic sense of boredom The prospect of more young people than adults did not want Consecutive (Hong Kong) Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service 7 Years to the Secondary School Students' Depression Anxiety Survey ", this year in Hong Kong twenty one Secondary schools collected questionnaires about 7,500 Students participate, the resulting data can be representative reflect the situation in Hong Kong secondary school students who are emotionally unstable. The latest results continue worrying! The percentage of high school students showed symptoms of depression decreased slightly over last year about 1.6% 51.5% That every 2 There are two 1 A middle school student plagued by depression. About a quarter ( 25% ) Of the students surveyed appearance of clinical symptoms of anxiety high level of concern, the situation is similar to last year. Life stress is an important factor adolescent depression and anxiety. The first year high school students 3 Term sources of stress in the past few years with the same, but the ranking has changed, followed by diploma test ( 21.5% ), School ( 18.5% ) And future issues ( 13.4% ), Reflecting the pressure of students and their ability to hook. However, lead to depression and related factors of students' symptoms of anxiety rather complex, not only pressure, is the study found that "Burnout" ( Burnout ) And "a sense of hope." ( Hope ) Will constitute a significant impact. Data show that respondents overall student academic burnout has occurred, of which more than 7 As students think they "feel tired at school before." ( 73.6% ) And "tired of school" ( 73.1% ). In addition, the average overall sense of hope for students 42 Points, compared with working people a sense of hope last year's survey 46.4 Points lower; than 3 Students do not consider themselves to be "a lot of solutions for every problem there." ( 30.7% ), Reflecting Hong Kong's younger generation feel more than adults no way out. It is worth noting that symptoms of depression were students, whose average is lower than a sense of hope 41.4 Minute. In conclusion, the Department recommends that parents and schools to help young people in the learning process, in addition to widening the vision, deepen their knowledge, increase the fun, they can also strengthen the students' method "in the face of setbacks thinking and willpower, so enhance their sense of hope to the prevention of youth who are emotionally unstable. 1. background Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service has been actively concerned about the mental health of young people, older than 2011 Established " Teen Love Program "regular high school students in Hong Kong mental health survey focused specifically on student depression and anxiety symptoms, sources of stress and related factors to assist early identification of students by school psychological distress, and for all the plots prevention and intervention measures provided reference. 2. Research methods 2.1 The survey sample data is in 2017 year 10 Months to 2018 year 6 During May, the Hong Kong twenty one Among secondary schools between one to six students completed self-administered questionnaires were returned 7,500 Valid questionnaires. Sample, men and women accounted for 54% and 43%, respectively, year distributed as follows: grade In a Second in the Third Fourth Fifth six Not fill Number of people 1516 1269 1046 1347 1189 percentage 20.3% 17.0% 14.0% 18.1% 16.0% 12.4% 2.2 • 923 161 2.2% Measurement Tool Depressive symptoms were secondary school students with depressive symptoms of rapid self-rating scale ( Chinese version of the Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (Self-Report), QIDS-SR16 ) From sleep, weight, psychomotor changes, depression, reduce interest, fatigue, feelings of guilt, concentration and suicidal thoughts terms, a measure of students in recent 1 Depression week. There questionnaire 16 Questions, total score 27 Points, too 6 Points or more students can be defined as troubled by depression, the higher the score, the stronger their depression. • Anxiety symptoms in middle school child anxiety screening table ( Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders, SCARED ) In the last measure of student 3 Months of anxiety. There questionnaire 41 Question, if the cut-off point for the Western Standard, the value of more than 25 Half shows symptoms of anxiety and concern of students up to the level required; more than 30 The level of sub-clinical, shall receive professional counseling and treatment. • Burnout of Middle School Students in Burnout Inventory - Student Edition ( Oldenburg Burnout Inventory, OLBI-S ) To measure student Burnout may occur in the study. There questionnaire 16 Title, with "a sense of exhaustion" ( Exhaustion ) And "academic alienation" ( Disengagement from Studying ) Two indicators reflect Burnout independent status, each with an average value 4 Point scale, the greater the value on behalf of the students in this aspect of the case more serious; referring to Western standards, if beyond the cut-off points (a sense of exhaustion: ≥ 2.25 Points, alienation ≥ 2.1 Minute) 1 , Are highly burnout. The same as the average of two points higher than the cut-off point, or appear to reflect students' overall Burnout. • Adopted by the high school students a sense of hope Snyder , Who compiled a sense of hope Scale ( Hope Scale ) Measure students' sense of hope. There questionnaire 12 Question, which 4 Title measure up to the target of willpower ( Agency ), 4 Title measure up to a sense of strategic objectives ( Pathway ). Total score 64 Points, with higher scores indicating higher the student's sense of hope. 1 Peterson, U., Demerouti, E., Bergström, G., Åsberg, M., & Nygren, Å. (2008). Work characteristics and sickness absence in burnout and nonburnout groups: A study of Swedish health care workers. International Journal of Stress Management, 15(2), 153-172. doi:10.1037/1072-5245.15.2.153 Life stress of high school students • Researcher at the Department questionnaire designed to measure students often studies, the future, relationships and sense of body appearance aspects of the troubles, the total 13 Question, the average value of up to 3 Points, the greater the pressure larger the value. Time allocation of secondary school students • Researcher at the Department questionnaire designed to understand the students' time allocation, students rest, study related, after-school activities, relationships and other projects to fill in the number of hours spent each day. 3 3.1 Survey results and analysis each 2 Secondary school students 1 A form of depression overall average of students surveyed recorded a total of depression 6.4 , Is a slight degree. Showed varying degrees of depressive symptoms accounted for the overall student 51.5% , Slightly over last year about 1.6% . The number of students at the same time, extremely severe major depressive symptoms there is an upward trend from last year 3.6% Increased 4.1% , In terms of the total number of high school students this school year ( 330,804 people) 2 Make projections, predisposition to depression severe enough to require medical treatment or students increased by nearly a year 1400 People, a total of more than 13,500 Name, continued worrying situation. first 3 Depressive symptoms were the most common item of students appearing like last year, the most popular being "sometimes feel sad" ( 58.8% ), Followed by the body associated with the siren project, namely "I easily tired than usual" ( 44.8% ) And "I sometimes feel that they can not make decisions or lack of concentration" ( 43.9% ). 3.2 Anxiety is now a quarter of high school students Anxiety is a time to reflect sample of students similar to last year. Overall surveyed students SCARED An average of 20.86 , Is a healthy level, compared with the previous year 20.94 , A slight decline. approximately 25% Students appear high anxiety symptoms, maintain each 4 There are two 1 Anxiety secondary school students up to the level of clinical concern, which is more seniors (4-6), especially in the highest proportion in sixth grade, accounting 30.1% . Among the many symptoms of anxiety among the respondents most students said, "I worry about what will smoothly" ( 75.2% ), Followed by social anxiety associated with the project, namely "I do not like to talk with people who are not familiar with." ( 70% ) And "in front of people who are not familiar I feel shy." ( 68.8% ). 3.3 Sustained high pressure reading Life stress is an important factor adolescent depression and anxiety. This study attempts to studies from multiple perspectives, relationships, appearance size, family status, cyberbullying and other high school students to understand the pressure lies. This year's top three sources of stress and high school students in the past few years the same, but the ranking has changed, followed by diploma test ( 21.5% ), School ( 18.5% ) And future issues ( 13.4% ), Reflecting the pressure of students and their ability to hook. 3.4 One important indicator of ninety high school students appear Burnout as mental health, fatigue ( Burnout ) In the spirit of the medical profession in recent years, causing a warm discussion, exploring it as a mental illness, while extending the concept of "Burnout" ( Academic Burnout ) Has also been widely 2 Hong Kong Education Bureau ( 2018) . 2017/18 The number of students in the academic year statistics. Self-check: Scholars around the concern. Burnout refers to the body, mind, thinking reaction, mainly due to long-term student under pressure to produce impact studies are: fatigue due to heavy academic requirements arising, that "exhaustion," ( Exhaustion ); And to pull away from the learning environment, produce do not agree nor put into apathy for their studies, namely "alienation" ( Disengagement From Studying ) 3 . The study found that overall more than 8 to make( 84% ) Of the students surveyed appear Burnout situation, which is significantly higher proportion of girls than boys; With the higher grades, more students burnout situation, especially in the most serious in the sixth grade, high over 9 to make( 91.3% ). Overall, more than 7 As students think they "feel tired at school before." ( 73.6% ) And "tired of school" ( 73.1% ). Given the current research has not been there for the same type of high school students, Chinese students will lock the focus of discussion also scanty, is only the second Western students as reference data. Burnout Hong Kong secondary school students and college students in Brazil comparable or even significantly worse than in Europe, including Portugal, Germany and Greece students. Analysis and display, Burnout and depression symptoms are highly correlated, that is, the stronger the burnout, the more severe depressive symptoms. 3.5 Three percent of students feel no way out Studies have found that a sense of hope can reliably predict the student's academic and athletic performance, life satisfaction, mental health and even mild depression and anxiety, but scholars generally believe that a sense of hope to train young people to help them cope with the challenges, personal growth 4 . A sense of hope not just expect to reach personal goals, and history associated with it is to think that a person has the more conscious "policy sense" ( Pathway ) To practice target, while the stronger "willpower" ( Agency ) Continued to promote himself, his sense of hope will be higher, and vice versa. A second sample to reflect a sense of hope for the average high school students in Hong Kong 42 Points (out of 64 ), Compared with working people a sense of hope last year's survey 46.4 Minute 5 Lower, reflecting Hong Kong's younger generation feel more than adults no way out. A sense of hope boys significantly higher than girls. By grade analysis, in order to a 43.3 The foremost points, is also the only year scored higher than all average. Overall, more than 3 Students do not consider themselves to be "a lot of solutions for every problem there." ( 30.7% ), Nearly 2 Not to think, "My life is quite successful." ( 19.8% ). It is worth noting that students with varying degrees of depression symptoms, which were lower than the sense of hope 41.4 Minute. 3.6 Students allotted time influence the degree of depression Integrated 6 The results of the survey show Richangshenghuo among learning-related problems has been the largest source of student pressure. In view of this, this survey attempts to investigate the students' time on depressive symptoms allocation. It was found that, overall daily average student spent studying related activities, including schooling, tutoring and homework time about 11 Hours, longer "nine to five" standard working hours than in the general adult. Analysis also showed that the longer the study, the more severe depressive symptoms students. Mr. Pingze Tang at this "adolescent mental health services integrated" program director refers to students who often expressed fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or another classroom / homework decreased performance, late or even absent 3 Reis, D., Xanthopoulou, D., & Tsaousis, I. (2015). Measuring job and academic burnout with the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI): Factorial invariance across samples and countries. Burnout Research, 2(1), 8-18. doi:10.1016/j.burn.2014.11.001 4 Herui Zhu, Li Wenhao, Li Shijie ( 2018) . "Family business school participation and cooperation": cultivating a sense of hope that students face challenges. Chinese University of Hong Kong Education, 46 ( 1 ), 73 - 92 . Self-check: - 92.pdf 5 Hong Kong Christian Service ( 2017) . Forward employees in Hong Kong psychological investigation. Self-check: Cases increases, students are likely being plagued by depression. Family, the overall average daily student and his family 3.5 hour. Although the data reflect the students with their families longer, lighter depressive symptoms, but according to social workers at the frontline of this experience, many young people even if the case for a long time with his family, but it is "not in the mind of people", the two sides did not exchange topic is inseparable from the school, declined to mind to parents, etc., the lack of quality of communication will have a negative impact on young people's emotions. As for the use of video games and social media, the overall daily average student spends about this area 3 Hours, longer, more severe depressive symptoms students. Seen from the front-line experience, many cases of adolescent development from over-reliance on interpersonal satisfaction and network video acquisition, in order to avoid trouble, but back to reality will be frustrated, helpless improve emotional distress. 4 Summary and recommendations To investigate the effect of different factors on the students surveyed depressive symptoms in this study through multiple regression analysis and found that the higher the student's sense of hope, the more time to spend with their families, and the use of social media and video games, the less time, are associated with depression was a significant positive correlation between symptoms, especially among the "sense of hope" has the Therefore, the Service Master Miss Ren Panfeng Coordination love are advised parents and schools to help young people in the learning process, in addition to widening the vision, deepen their knowledge, increase the fun, they can also strengthen the students' method "in the face of setbacks thinking and willpower, so as to enhance their sense of hope to the prevention of youth who are emotionally unstable. 4.1 Students a sense of hope 4.1.1. Set specific achievable goals First, to assist students in different areas including: school, family, leisure, personal growth, health, relationships, emotional health, social issues and work direction to find the most important, but not satisfied with the status category. Then, encourage students to express their own ideas and dreams, to discuss how to achieve the goal, we must first assess the feasibility, then the subdivision goals and develop small steps and timetable. During the review and assessment of student achievement. Whether students can complete the size of the target can also enjoy their own efforts to guide him pay. 4.1.2 Expand and strengthen the "method" thinking "mind exercises" ( Mental Rehearsal ), Not only widely used in sports psychology to help athletes enhance performance, setting goals is also commonly used psychological training methods, in conjunction with other steps, can help strengthen the students a sense of strategy "method" of thinking, that is, whether there are adequate means for their perception to achieve their goals. 1. Guide students to exercise the heart, that is through the imagination, "practice" in different ways to achieve their goals, from And to select the best implementation. 2. How to solve the obstacles encountered when assuming that to find the missing. 3. Remind students even failed to reach the goal is not to blame himself. 4. Assess whether students need to learn new skills or resources. 5. If the student after the attempt failed to achieve the target, they should be encouraged to seek help. 4.1.3 Cultivate students 'willpower' If students feel (especially the ability to sense) negative, you can not have enough willpower, that self-driving force, to achieve their goals. Recommendations to assist students to collect successful experiences, the case of obstruction can tune or find alternative goals, develop positive self-talk, depending on the difficulty is natural and inevitable, focus on the process and not just the result, sense of humor, and attention to small changes in the process to encourage themselves. 4.2 Home-school support is recommended in the design school BE Or life planning course, the added understanding of personal goals and students practice experiential element to help students collect successful experiences outside the classroom. Parents can help children to develop a diversified small problem-solving methods, will help improve the child's sense of hope. Media inquiries: Ms. Wu Jiaqi Phone: 34,131,542 Mr. Pingze Tang Tel: 66,235,389 e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected] ...
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