07C ATMO 201-503 Lemmon

07C ATMO 201-503 Lemmon - (WC, ATMO 201 (Section 503)...

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Unformatted text preview: (WC, ATMO 201 (Section 503) Atmospheric Science Instructor: Mark Lemmon, Eller 0&M 1205C, phone 458—8098, lemmon@tamu.edu Course web page: http://www.met.tamu.edu/class/ATM0201/Section503/ATM0201-503.html Class time, location: MWF 1:50 PM—2:40 PM, Eller 0&M 112 Final exam: Tuesday 11 December, 3:30-5:30, Eller 0&M 112. Office hours: MW 2:45-23 :30 or by appointment Required text: Understanding Weather and Climate, 4th. ed., Aguado and Burt Course Objectives: By the end of the course you should: - Be able to identify and explain the weather phenomena we witness and the physical processes responsible for these phenomena so you can relate them to your experience. - Be able to describe the structure, composition and dynamics of the atmosphere so you can explain the weather to others. - Be able to describe the reasons our atmosphere is different from atmospheres of other planets, and how our atmosphere has changed and can change. . Have a deeper appreciation for the forces acting and motions occurring in the atmosphere to produce the various weather and climate conditions that you may experience. Emphasis: This course will consider the processes at work in the atmospheres of several planets, with an emphasis on Earth’s atmosphere. Grade: Your grade will be calculated on the basis of total points earned. 4 exams of 100 points each 400 points Final Exam of 100 points 100 points Total points possible 500 points A Z 450 points B 400 - 449 points C 350 - 399 points D 300 - 349 points F S 300 points Exams will be based on material fi‘om reading and material presented in class. It is the responsibility of each student to attend all classes except in the event of a University excused absence and to acquire class notes from fellow students when classes are missed for any reason. Grades will be posted on WebCT. WebCT is accessed by going to hth/elearningtamuedu. Go to the TAMU link. You will need your NetID user name and password. Exams missed for reasons other than a university excused absence will receive a grade of zero. Makeup exams will only be given for excused absences. The final grading distribution may be adjusted at the discretion of the instructor. Required Info: Copyrights: The materials in this course are copyrighted. These materials include but are not iirnited to syllabi, quizzes, exams, lab problems, in—class materials, review sheets, and additional problem sets. Because these materials are copyrighted, you do not have the right to copy the materials, uniess permission is expressly granted. Plagiarism: As commonly defined, plagiarism consists of passing off as one‘s own the ideas, words, writings, etc., which belong to another. In accordance with this definition, you are committing plagiarism if you copy the work of another person and turn it in as your own, even if you should have permission of that person. Plagiarism is one of the worst academic sins, for the plagiarist destroys the trust among colleagues without which research carmot be safely communicated. The Aggie Honor Code states: "An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do." Upon accepting admission to Texas A&M University, a student immediater assumes a commitment to uphold the Honor Code, to accept responsibility for learning, and to follow the philosophy and rules of the Honor System. Students will be required to state their commitment on examinations, research papers, and other academic work. Ignorance of the rules does not exclude any member of the TAMU community from the requirements or the processes of the Honor System. Anyone who violates the University rules on academic honesty will receive an "F" for the course and additional sanctions as described in the University Regulations. If you have any questions regarding plagiarism and academic dishonesty, please consult the latest issue of the Texas A&M University Student Rules, under the section "Scholastic Dishonesty". Or, see hfip://Www.tamu.edu/aggiehonor/. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the Department of Student Life, Services for Students with Disabilities in Room 1183 of Cain Hall. The phone number is 845-1637. 10 ll 12 13 14 15 Section 503 Expected Schedule Date Aug. 27 Aug. 29 Sep. 21 Sep. 24 Sep. 26 Oct. 29 Oct. 31 Nov. 2 Nov. 5 Nov. 7 Nov. 9 Nov. 12 Nov. 14 Nov. 16 (Fri) Nov. 19 Nov. 21 Nov. 26 Nov. 28 Nov. 30 Dec. 3 Dec. 11 (Tue) Komcmooooqq" Chapter: pages 1:2-14 1: 14-23 3: 54-69 : 103-116 : 122-133 : 133-142 2- ’U‘IU’IU’I-Ih : 188-195 : 195-207 : 212-226 : 226-238 : 238-250 : 254-264 : 264—273 10: 278—298 10: 298-303 11: 306-314 11: 314-330 11: 330-348 12: 352—364 12: 364-383 13: 388-418 16: 474-486 16: 486—496 16: 496-507 17: 512-521 t= guest lecture) Topic Class Organization & Operation Composition of the Atmosphere Structure & Evolution of the Atmosphere Pl t At h 0 ‘ Insolation & Energy Transfer Mars Weather and Dust Storms Pressure Gradients & Winds Water Vapor & Liquid Water Saturation & Humidity densation Exam-2. r '. - _ ,, - Growth of Cloud Droplets Precipitation Atmospheric Circulation Ocean Currents & Wind Systems Air-Sea Interactions Air Masses Fronts Exam 3 Earth-like Planets? Weather on Titan and Venus Polar Front Theory & Mid-Latitude Cyclones Flow Patterns and Large Scale Weather Lightning Thunderstorms Tornadoes Hurricane Characteristics & Formation Hurricane Movement and Trends Exam 4 Weather in the Giant Planets Weather Forecasting and Analysis Past Climates Climate Change Factors Climate Feedbacks, Models, & Past Climates Atmospheric Optics Final Exam, 3:30—5:30 ...
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07C ATMO 201-503 Lemmon - (WC, ATMO 201 (Section 503)...

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