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Questions and the Learning Cycle Invitation Stage : Using questions that help generate interest, and help students focus on observation and details. Helping to connect past experience to the object of study. Have you ever seen. ..? What did you observe? Did you notice. ..? Exploration Stage : Using questions that encourage students to explore new materials, properties and events. What happened when. ..? What did you discover? What do you think will happen if. ..? What questions do you have? What could we do to find out? Concept Introduction Stage : Using questions to guide students to new understandings. Helping to classify, categorize, or order their observations. What did you find out about.
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Unformatted text preview: ..? How is this the same or different from. .? Can you compare this to something else? What do you now know about the characteristics of. ..? Application Stage : Using broad questions to encourage thinking and analyzing. Helping to make generalizations, draw conclusions, and make connections. Involves students in authentic problem-solving situations and critical thinking. Can you explain why? Why do you think that. ..? What other factors might be involved? What might another explanation be? Can you find a way to. ..? How can we use what we found out to solve a problem? How did you arrive at your solution?...
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