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<HOST> Hi and welcome to Penn State Football Recap on Channel 20 WIUP-TV. I’m your host Anthony, and we’re here with Brian, an expert on Penn State Football. <START QUESTIONS> <HOST> How do you feel Penn State has played so far this year? <GUEST RESPONSE> <HOST> Now what do you think about Anthony Morelli? <GUEST RESPONSE> <HOST> How well is Joe Paterno doing this year? <GUEST RESPONSE> <HOST> Ok well, I think it’s time for a commercial break and we’ll be back with Brian for some more Penn State Football Recap. <COMMERCIAL BREAK> <HOST> Welcome back to Penn State Football Recap, we’re here with Brian.
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Unformatted text preview: Currently what bowl game do you think Penn State will get picked for? <GUEST RESPONSE> <HOST> That’s awesome; who do you think they will play against? <GUEST RESPONSE> <HOST> Now, what do you think about this season being Morelli’s last for Penn State? <GUEST RESPONSE> <HOST CONCLUSION> Well, thank you very much Brian for joining us and thank you to everyone at home for tuning in tonight on Channel 20 for Penn State Football Recap. I’m Anthony and good night....
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