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Assigned 11,12 - You have the following debts $100,000...

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Assignments Chapter 11 - 12 1. Chapter 11 – Health and Disability Insurance There are 10 types of health and disability insurance list and define each of them. 2. Chapter 12 – Life Insurance a. Yours is a typical family. Your annual income is $60,000. Using the easy method to calculate, how much life insurance should you have? b. You are a dual, income, no-kids family.
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Unformatted text preview: You have the following debts: $100,000 mortgage, $10,000 auto loan, $2,000 credit card balance, and $8,000 in other debts. You estimate your funeral cost to be $4,000. Your spouse expects to continue working after your death. Using the DINK method, what is your life insurance need?...
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