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Midterm Terms Fusion of Powers Definition - The Merging of authority Branches of Government. Significance - In Britain, the Cabinet, the House of Commons, Parliament and the House of Lords are all fused together in terms of decision making and they have no Checks and Balances. For example, the Prime Minister runs the legislative process. Its like he has Electoral Dictatorship. Parliament is the supreme legislative, executive, and Judicial authority. Cabinet Government Definition – A system of government in which the Cabinet exercises responsibility for formulating policy and directing both the government and executive branch. Significance – In the United Kingdom, Cabinet Government has been undermined as only a check on the Prime Minister. In other cases the Cabinet acts more like a policy committee and actually directs the government towards their policy. Democracy Definition – Political decisions which are for the common good. Allowing the people to make decisions through elections. Significance – Democracies tend to have better economies and be richer. Democracies are viewed to be a government for and by the people. Rule of Law Definition – The power of the State must be limited by law and no one is above the law. Significance – Rule of law is a important principle of Democracy because it keeps the States power in check and keeps the government an institution that works for the benefit of the people instead of its own power hungry institution Independent Central Bank Definition – A bank which operates under rules designed to prevent political interference Significance – In 1997 the bank’s monetary policy committee was given the sole responsibility for setting interest rates to meet the governments inflation target. This decision was made by Gordon Brown, who at the time was the
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Chancellor of the Exchequer. Conservative Party
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MidtermTerms - Midterm Terms Fusion of Powers Definition...

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