Comparative politics notes � 11

Comparative politics notes � 11 - o System level...

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Comparative politics notes – 11/7/07 Russia Constitutional crisis Yeltsin dissolves parliament (Sep. 1993) Parliament invalidates president (Alexander Rutskoi) Yeltsin sends in the troops New constitution (Dec.12) 1996 Elections – o Tried to shut down heart attack rumors so he can show he is a fit leader o He starts a war with Chechnya Vladimir Zhirinovsky o Runs for parliament as a part of the liberal democratic party o Campaigning for: Russian Empire Colonize parts of the Indian Ocean Use nuclear weapons against Germany Blow radiation into the Baltic states with giant fans Invade Turkey Reclaim Alaska Russian refuge for Mike Tyson o With partys in Russia, you have to think about the people not so much the party ideas Russia What happens in Russia, can help us understand problem in other States Russia has a long history of authoritarian governments They will never be 100% democratic Political Culture 3 levels of political culture
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Unformatted text preview: o System level Attitudes towards the system Weather they have Pride in their nation Do they have national identity (Do you identify with Russia, are you Russian?) Legitimacy o Process level How citizens deal with their political institutions Role of citizen: Parochial – not likely to get active in politics Subject – higher political intelligence, But not really going to get active Participant – highly politically educated and is willing to take it to the streets o Outcome level • Big vs. Small government • Equality of outcomes vs. Process • Individual vs. Society Socialization • The Family • Schools • Religious institutions • Peer groups • Mass media • Political parties Socialization in the Soviet Union • School • Youth groups o Octoberists, Pioneers, Komsomol • Mass Media • Adult Education...
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Comparative politics notes � 11 - o System level...

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