07 - done to it it holds – the cabinet represents a...

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Comparative Politics – 9/19/07 For midterm- the more world significance the better, tonight new terms Constitutional powers of the queen Part of Parliament Designate the Prime Minister Dissolve Parliament Royal Assent Four Conventions Queen appoints prime minister who commands confidence of the commons Prime minister must resign if loses vote of confidence Prime minister appoints Ministers Queen must dissolve parliament The Cabinet Composition Chancellor of the Exchequer – used to be Gordon Brown Budget- made by prime minister and then it always get passed because of majority Collective Responsibility – you can argue all you want in the building but, once things are decided you have to agree then and take their side - the cabinet should argue with prime minister but, when it comes
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Unformatted text preview: done to it, it holds. – the cabinet represents a united front • Individual Ministerial Responsibility- you are responsible for what happens of your watch Civil Service • Oxbridge • Permanent Secretaries = neutral • Key relationship • Obligation of Civil Service to Parliament House of Commons • Party regulars sit in the back • Front bench is cabinet • Opposite side is conservative party • Structure • Speaker of the house • Shadow cabinet • Things happen pretty quickly Prime Minister’s Question Time • 30 min. of each week • Submitting a question • Ministers • Liberal democrat party sits of to the side • this is a Grueling Process...
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07 - done to it it holds – the cabinet represents a...

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