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Weather Observation and Analysis John Nielsen-Gammon Course Notes These course notes are copyrighted. If you are presently registered for ATMO 251 at Texas A&M University, permission is hereby granted to download and print these course notes for your personal use. If you are not registered for ATMO 251, you may view these course notes, but you may not download or print them without the permission of the author. Redistribution of these course notes, whether done freely or for profit, is explicitly prohibited without the written permission of the author. Chapter 8. COORDINATE SYSTEMS 8.1 Conventional Coordinate Systems In all of your math classes up to this point, you have worked mostly in what are called orthogonal coordinate systems. Orthogonal here means that each coordinate axis is perpendicular to every other coordinate axis. The simplest such example is Cartesian coordinates. In three- dimensional Cartesian coordinates, the three coordinate axes perfectly ATMO 251 Chapter 8 page 1 of 15
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