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ATMO 324: Problem Set 2 ( due Oct. 1 ) Chap. 2 (Global Energy Balance) & Chap. 3 (Atmospheric Radiative Transfer) 1. The global-mean surface temperature at the peak of the last ice age was about 5 K less than its present value. Using the simple greenhouse model of Section 2.5, estimate how much higher the Earth’s albedo was at that time? 2. (Hartman 2.6) Calculate the solar zenith angle at 9:00 and 12:00 (local solar time) on the summer and winter solstices for Seattle (47 o 27’ N, 122 o 18’ W) and College Station (30 o 35’ N, 96 o 22’W). 3. (Hartman 2.7) A mountain range is oriented east-west and has a slope on its north and south faces of 15 degrees. It is located at 45 o N. Calculate the insolation per unit surface area (in W/m 2 ) on its south and north faces at noon at the summer and winter solstices. Compare the difference between the insolation on the north and south faces in each season with the seasonal variation on each face. Ignore eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit and atmospheric absorption. ( Hint: During the solstices, all regions feel
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