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METR 446 Homework # 5 Due Tuesday, November 6 1. (20 pts) If the maximum monochromatic radiance at a wavelength of 550 nm is 450 W m -2 µ m -1 sr -1 at the surface of the earth when the sun is directly overhead, what is the average absorption coefficient (m 2 /kg) of the atmosphere at that wavelength? You can neglect scattering, reflection, and can assume that the sun is a blackbody at 6000 K, and that all of the molecules in the air absorb the radiation with equal efficiency.
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Unformatted text preview: The radius of the sun is 6.96x10 8 m, and the average earth-sun distance is 1.5x10 11 m. 2. (10 pts) How much less radiation would the earth emit, and how much longer would the peak wavelength of the emitted radiation be, if the average temperature on earth were the radiative equilibrium temperature (~255 K) instead of the observed (288 K) temperature?...
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