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QUESTION 1 1.Tango is the music of what 2 towns Asunción, Paraguay Santiago, Chile Buenos Aires, Argentina Montevideo, Uruguay
10 points QUESTION 2 1. Check the influences of Tango Central & Western Europe
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10 points QUESTION 3 1. What 2 regional music genres where also influencial Milonga & Candombe Salsa Samba Bomba
10 points QUESTION 4 1. Tango was born in what social milieu aristocracy
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10 points QUESTION 5 1.Tango is not in the feet, Tango is in the heart. True
False 10 points QUESTION 6 1.The original Tango instruments where
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10 points QUESTION 7 1. The most important Tango instrument is
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10 points QUESTION 8 1.Check the 2 significant tango groups Juan Maglio
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Unformatted text preview:Los Tigres del Norte 10 points QUESTION 9 1. Check the 3 important Tango styles Nuevo Tango Guardia Nueva Bossa nova Guardia Vieja 10 points QUESTION 10 1. The most famous Tango is called Volver La Cumparsita Caminito La bordona 10 points QUESTION 11 1. Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, the author of La Cumparsita was Colombi an Brazilian Argentin e Uruguay an 10 points QUESTION 12 1. Check the important musicians and orchestra leaders Osvaldo Pugliese Leopoldo Federico Horacio Salgán Anibal Troilo 10 points QUESTION 13 1. Who was Astor Piazzolla Bandoneon player & composer Tango singer Dancer Lyricist 10 points QUESTION 14 1. Who is the most Tang singer in history Edmundo Rivero Carlos Gardel Susana Rinaldi Roberto Goyeneche