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Sample problems for test # 2 1) Considering the expressions relating settling velocity to droplet radius, what is the range in the value of the exponent, a, in w t α r a ? 2) Approximately what is the ratio of the concentration of cloud condensation nuclei to ice nuclei in a typical volume of air? 3) Will ice crystals grow or shrink if the relative humidity (with respect to liquid water) is 92% and the temperature is –20 o C? 4) How can the addition of high concentrations of small hygroscopic aerosols to a warm cloud increase the likelihood of precipitation? 5) Why is AgI a more efficient ice nuclei than NaCl? 6) If there were no ice nuclei in the air, approximately what would the supersaturation be with respect to ice at the cloud height where ice crystals first form? 7) What is the diffusion capacitance of a perfectly spherical ice crystal with radius r? 8) Will the growth rate of a 50 µ m droplet be greater if there are 100 10 µ m droplets per cm 3 in the cloud or 10 20 µ m droplets per cm 3 ?
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