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Sample problems for test # 3 1) What is the peak monochromatic radiance from an object (black-body) in this room at 25 o C? 2) The ocean has an albedo (reflectivity) of about 0.1. What is the irradiance of the ocean if its temperature is 15 o C? 3) If the sun were twice as large as it is now, but still emitted the same amount of radiant energy, would the irradiance at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere be smaller, larger, or the same as it is now? 4) If the intensity of a laser decreases by 30% after traveling 1 km in the atmosphere, how much will the intensity have decreased after traveling first 100 m? 5) All else being equal, will the half width of an absorption line for oxygen be greater or smaller than that for hydrogen? 6) What does the relative surface area of plages (6200 K) to sunspots (4500 K) have to be such that the total solar irradiance is the same as if the entire photosphere were at 6000 K?
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