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Sample problems for test # 4 1) If the ground behaves as a black-body, will the net irradiance between the ground and an overlying cooler cloud be greater if the cloud is a black-body or a gray-body? You can assume that no significant absorption (or scattering or anything else) occurs in between the ground and the cloud. Assume that the temperature of the ground and the cloud is the same in both cases. 2) If the net irradiance between the 18 o C ground and an overlying cloud is 64 W/m 2 , what is the temperature of the cloud? Assume both the cloud and ground have a reflectance of 0.15. 3) If the monochromatic irradiance of a blackbody is 1.8x10 6 W m -2 µ m -1 , what is its monochromatic radiance at the same wavelength? 4) Before turning to flux emissivity, the derived expression that could be used to determine the downward irradiance incident upon a reference height in the atmosphere was: ∫∫∫ Θ Θ Θ = λ π λ λ λ d du d u L E ) sec exp( sin 2 * Specifically what about this was so complicated that we abandoned it and moved to flux
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