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Edmunds.com, cars.com, and carsmart.com were all pretty easy to use. I gave carsmart.com a lower score than the other two because its website was less appealing, which I think limits the ease of navigating. All the sites had reviews, research links, tips and advice, and tools needed to use for calculations or other things to consider when car shopping. I gave Edmunds and carsmart one ranking higher than cars.com because they included a forum, which can be very helpful to buyers when car shopping. Privacy Policies were all very similar. Customer service was decent, but not anything special because the contact link just used a contact through the website or listed an email. I could not find a phone number or an address to contact them. Edmunds and cars.com all had very nice looking and appealing websites, but carsmart.com's website was just a little less appealing. Amazon.com and overstock.com were both pretty easy to use, but shopping-bargain’s received a 3 because it seemed like its coupons were somewhat scattered and clustered.
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