EXAM 1 Review

EXAM 1 Review - Materialism Only the physical realm is real...

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Materialism- Only the physical realm is real Rene Descartes - Themes that influence modern psychology- 1. Thinking as the essence of humans 2. Mind and body interact Empiricism - Knowledge through the senses Kant- Innate knowledge- and the mind adds something to sensory info. Wundt- Father of psychology Introspection- the process of systematically analyzing ones own sensations and reporting them as objectively as possible Functionalism - Americans opened up psychology through influences of 1. Practicality 2. Evolution by natural solution EX. You have to function at PE William James- wrote Principals of Psychology Behaviorism – Says that introspection as a method is unreliable. You cannot scientifically study the mind, but you can study behavior scientifically. The 6 criticisms of introspection- 1. Paying attention to thinking changes thinking 2. Relies of memory and memory can be faulty 3. May not know fully understand what is going on in your mind 4. You can’t use it with infants, animals, or some people with psychological problems
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5. You get different results w. different researchers 6. To whom do the results generalize to? Two components of the Information-Processing Approach (computers) - 1. A mental process can be best understood with the operations of a computer 2. A mental operation can be interpreted as information processing through the system in a series of stages, one step at a time. Mind-body problem- Only the physical world exists (materialism) Ecological Validity- Conditions in which research is conducted should be similar to the natural setting in which the results will be applied. CP doesn’t have Eco. Val. Cognitive Psychology - Is part of cognitive science. Branch of psychology that studies people’s knowledge and mental psychology Cognitive Science - An interdisciplinary field that tries to answer questions about mental processes. Includes comp. science, psych, anth, neuroscience, etc. All work is on the basis that thinking involves the internal representation of the external world. Cognitive Neuroscience- Examines how cognitive processes can be
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EXAM 1 Review - Materialism Only the physical realm is real...

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