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Ch. 3 Attention-A concentration of mental activity. Divided Attention-Gets better with practice -Divided Attention Task- The participant must attend to two or more simultaneous messages, responding to each as needed. -College students 1. Read stories silently 2. Copy dictated words. At first, had difficulty performing the two tasks. Kept training and could read quickly and take dictation legibly (But there was poor recall on dictated words) Selective Attention- Responding to certain sources of info while ignoring other sources. -Dichotic Listening Task- Participants wear headphones and each ear is presented with a different message at the same time. Sometimes participants are asked to pay attention to only 1 message. People could answer questions about it. Shadowed-asked to repeat
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Unformatted text preview: messages and unshadowed- 35% of participants noticed their names in unshadowed message. • Cocktail Party Effect- While paying attention to one conversation, a person will often notice their name mentioned • Stroop Effect- People take longer to name the Color of a stimulus when it is printed in a different color. Ex, Pink (written in Black) – results get better with practice and schizophrenics do worse. • Emotional Stroop Task-people with phobias name the color of ink of words related to their fear slowed than for non-phobic words. A Stroop Effect happens with obscene words.-One explanation for the Stroop effect- Both naming Colorado and reading words are automatic processes. • Bottleneck Theory- (look at notes) •...
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