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Ryan Dennie Elaina Verveer-INVS 1000 October 18, 2007 Research Paper A Changing World It is no secret that global warming will change the world as we know it forever. Many people, however, believe that it is just a small-scale issue that really won’t have too many consequences for life on earth. The definition of global warming is; “A slight, continuing rise in atmospheric temperature, usually attributed to an intensifying of the greenhouse effect.” (1) One major question that needs to be answered about global warming is defining if it is even a real issue, or just something that the media perhaps ran away with. Once this platform question is answered, we need to answer where the issue originated from. This obviously wasn’t something that happened overnight, and therefore, must have taken an evolutionary path to get to where it is today. In addition to this, humans really need to take a look at just who this large-scale matter will affect and in what manner. Also important, is what steps are being taken to heal this irreversible process. Because humans are one of the major factors in creating this problem, it is also up to us to stop it. Since the world unfortunately faces such a variety of environmental issues, I have decided to focus on global warming; for it is the root cause to many other issues we will create and face in the future, and directly compromises the way the world is today, and will forever be. Obviously the present day issue of global warming didn’t just begin yesterday. In fact, scientists say that, “Beginning about 18,000 years ago the Earth started warming up, halting at least temporarily a 100,000-year-long Ice Age.” (2) Obviously, this warming couldn’t have been
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due to human interactions; but instead the natural warming and cooling cycle of the earth. Much of what we see today, including the Great Lakes, is evidence of the glaciers from one of these great Ice Ages. A primary argument against global warming being the result of humans is that, “This is just the Earth going through one of its’ many natural processes.” Fair enough, but the real case is that we are in fact long overdue for another ice age. (2) Instead, we are seeing the last of our glaciers disappearing at a much faster and more alarming rate than ever before. The hypothesis of man-made global warming becoming an issue has existed since the 1880s. The Chicago Field Museum, a leading force trying to stop global warming, states that; “It was an obscure scientific hypothesis that burning fossil fuels would increase CO2 in the air to enhance the greenhouse effect and thus cause global warming.” One would think that by now, many years later, there would be no argument over weather global warming even truly exists. If the mentality that it doesn’t actually exist continues, however, it will most certainly be too late to reverse the damage done. Stephen Schneider of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder stated in the 1970’s: “Sometime in the late 1950s temperature declines slowed to a halt and
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RESEARCH PAPER - Ryan Dennie Elaina Verveer-INVS 1000...

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