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What is the issue? - Global Warming (in particular relate it back to butterflies) INTRO. What is its history? What are the immediate and root causes of the issue-goes in with history? PARAGRAPH 1 Whom does it affect most and how does it affect them? (All of us including animals(butterflies)…plethora of ways) PARAGRAPH 2 How have communities locally and nationally tried to address the issue? What is the historical response to this problem in the U.S.? How do dominant values affect or influence the definition of the public issue you are addressing?
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Unformatted text preview: (Al Gore, Biofules, etc) PARAGRAPH 3 What do you think needs to be changed in order to fully address the issue? USE WINDPOWER, etc. What tactics have been successful in addressing the issue locally and nationally? PARAGRAPH 4 PARAGRAPH 5=CONCLUSION ) One of the main reasons I chose to work at the butterfly pavilion was because of my love for ecology, but if things continue at their current rate without change, one day there may be no ecology or humans left for that matter to study it!...
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