hist1010 chapter 19 key terms

hist1010 chapter 19 key terms - Salons-informal gatherings...

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Abolitionists- advocates of the abolition of the slave trade and of slavery Deist- a person who believes in God but gives him no active role in human affairs. Enlightened despots- a political term that refers to rulers who tried to promote reform without giving up their own supreme political power; the best examples were Catherine the Great of Russia, Frederick the Great of Prussia, and Joseph II of Austria. Also called enlightened absolutists. Laissez-faire - an economic doctrine developed by Adam Smith based on his reading of the French physiocrats who advocated freeing the economy from government intervention and control. (the term is French for “to leave alone.” Philosophes - public intellectuals of the enlightenment who wrote on subjects ranging from current affairs to art criticism with the goal of furthering reform in society. Word in French means “philosophers”.
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Unformatted text preview: Salons-informal gatherings, usually sponsored by middle-class or aristocratic women, that provided a forum for new ideas and an opportunity to establish new intellectual contacts among supporters of the enlightenment; works that could not be published officially were read aloud. The French word means “living rooms” Voltaire- Adam Smith-John Wesley-Middle class- Freemasons-members of Masonic lodges, which were based on the rituals of stonemasons’ guilds and provided a place where nobles and middle class professionals and even some artisans shared interest in the enlightenment and reform; lodges drew up constitutions and voted in elections. The movement began in Great Britain and spread eastward across Europe. Immanuel Kant-Denis Diderot- Encyclopedia-David Hume-Abbe Raynal-Montesquieu-Jean-Jacques Rousseau-Great Awakening-Bourgeois-...
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hist1010 chapter 19 key terms - Salons-informal gatherings...

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